Automated Video Coaching Technology Built for Your Team

One Click Multi-Angle Event Saving & Indexing
  • One click to save and index any coaching session
  • Index the practice event from one camera & the system will automatically save & index all related camera angles
One Click Automated Multi-Angle Session Sharing
  • Instantly share the practice session event with any team executive, coach, or player
  • Recipient is notified of incoming video file/s.
  • Download & Mark up shared video on any device
Live Video Rewind and Multi-Angle Playback

Watch the play from any camera angle on the ice or in the office. Rewind and watch it again from additional camera angles all in real-time

Xtreme Reality Helmet Camera Vision

Access the helmet of any player for real-time and on- demand evaluation of player decision making

Archived Video Playback from any Device or Location

Review clips & archived video on any device, at any time….On the ice, on the road, or in the office.

Encrypted Cloud Storage & Video Library Management

A full season of team practices organized according to your teams needs
Retrieve & view any or all event, player or play video with one click within seconds

Automated Real Time Player Video Analytics.


Convert live action play to video simulation


Track the trajectory of each player in a play


Compare player performance to other players or past performance.

See More. Know More. Win More.